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August 11, 2006

Cya all for a bit…

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Up early to finish packing and leave…ick. The house thing is looking pretty good, besides having to live in an apartment through November and put our stuff in storage. It looks as though the family that owns the house we’re looking to buy will accept our offer. So yay for that. Nothing else really new for me I guess…. My cousin will be coming back Monday, I think, from drum corps. *groans* Thank goodness he lives in Florida. I do care about him seeing as he is my cousin, but he’s an asshole now, and I don’t particularly look forward to talking to him.
“Chocolate” is still the biggest thing on my mind. Unfortunately, and fortunately, I probably can’t talk to him until school starts, seeing as he’s banned from the phone. It gives me time to think, but my worry it that he’ll fall for someone else in that time. I’ve decided it’s worth a try…I mean what’s the worst thing that could happen? Deciding it’s just not right and breaking up? *shrugs* That’s not so terrible.
Well that’s about all I have time for before I go. So I love all of you who read this, and who don’t read this dearly, and I’ll miss you all tons (even if it is just three days). Oh, and you know the cell (592-1178) if something horrible happens and you need me.

P.S. Merci beaucoup Fred pour la bonne remarque! J’aime les guimauve!


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