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August 14, 2006

Home just in time for *grumbles* band camp

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The family picnic went better than expected. Then and again, road trips with my dad can be alright. The majority of my time was spent by the water (Lake Erie) where I watched two gorgeous sunsets. Although, it just made me miss talking to someone more. My cousins closest to my age didn’t drive me insane for the first time, and my youngest cousin (1 1/2 yrs) was absolutely adorable!

Sunday we went to the annual corn maze. It wasn’t so easy this year…it took us over two hours to get out. : ) Still it was good fun with Paul as my partner.

Oh one other thing I should include…we have a house (unless something should come up with the inspection). We’ll still have to live in an apartment for a few months, but it’ll be worth it. It’s the yellow cape on Baylis st. if you happen to be around there.

I’m definitely not looking forward to band today, or this week at all. Six hours of marching a day…yuck…three is enough for me. The super-coordinated (haha…not) Jenna attempting to do flag work should be pretty amusing. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the rotten tomato alone during dinner to, as Brendan put it, “Make tomato sauce out of him.” Definitely something that wasn’t meant to be.

Well off to get ready for band, get marshmallows, and miss someone even more.


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