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August 15, 2006

Yet another day of band camp comes to a close…

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I think we’re once again all beginning to feel the pains of band camp. My feet hurt, my wrist is throbbing, the cut on my leg from the skewer stings….ah, the many joys of band camp. Alright, so it’s not that terrible. Dinner and after practice time has been great. “Smokin ‘mellows” yesterday was awesome. Too bad it was so windy today. Kyle, Beth, Fred, Ryan, Matt, Greg, and the trumpet player whose name I don’t know, I love you all! You guys make band camp so much fun. Kudos to Ryan for making the mentos/coke fountain during dinner and for the un-smores after practice tonight, made un-toasted with genuine 6 yr. old stale chocolate Graham crackers, damp sticky marshmallows, and melted pliable chocolate. Even better was seeing the look on Mr. Defren’s face after finished his un-smore and we told him that. : ) Mismatched clothing day tomorrow should be a riot…especially seeing Kyle in my skirt.
Let’s see…I have to get rid of the “tomato” a.s.a.p. or Kyle will probably kick my ass…hard. I missed talking to “chocolate” so I wrote him a letter and sent it via mail. Hopefully, his parents don’t read his mail…*gulp.* And I think that’s about it tonight. Oh, and Kyle, I hope your bunny feels tons better. : )


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