Smile Always…For All Is Forever Well

August 29, 2006

To Kyle

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Kyle Robert Rookie, my one and only true love,

   I doubt you’ll be on before I go to bed, but I’d hate to not say
goodnight to you.  Seeing you and being in your arms again tonight was
amazing.  Three days were really starting to feel like a year to me. 
You were so cute with your mussed up hair…and that twinkle in you eye
when you smile…you’re really something special sweetheart.  I wish our
moments together in each other’s arms didn’t need to be so fleeting and
   I love you so incredibly much.  You’re the first person who’s been
able to truly make me smile inside.   I’m still smiling.  Some how the
bumps in the road of life seem so much smaller with you in my life. 
And, most importantly, you’re the first to make me feel so free.  Every
other relationship I had, made me feel so tied down.  But, you’re
something different, and wonderful.  So, thank you for being so kind to
me, for always caring, for making me smile so much.  I feel truly
blessed to have you in my life.

                       Sweet dreams love!


P.S.  I know you’re shopping tomorrow, but I’ll be up by 9, so if you
haven’t left yet, my mom’s not on-line, and you feel like talking don’t
be afraid to call.

P.P.S. Yeah, you defiantly are an amazing kisser…seriously that kiss
tonight was perfect. : )


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