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September 2, 2006

The life of the Jenna

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     Let’s see…life is good (still) overall.  Cantoring today was great, with the exception of a few minor mistakes, and I got lots of hugs and complements from congregation members. (They’re always so kind to me.)  I’ve graduated from being Father’s “beautiful [voiced] Jenna” to his “nightingale.”
     Still haven’t taken care of the schedule issues, and Caroccio won’t be there until Tues. morning, which sucks horribly.  So that should interesting to see how that ends up.
     Having cable is fun…lol.  I got bored and watched, “A Walk to Remember.”   *Sighs* such a sad movie.  But after that I couldn’t take any more T.V. for the day.  Watching made up Cinderella stories and adventures on a box with colors still doesn’t compare to living real ones yourself. 
      My family already has two new friends here…Bob and Phoebe.  Well, Phoebe is more my bunny’s friend.  They were chasing each other in the halls last night.   Little dog giving bunny a bath…how cute!  Bob lives above us with his dog and doesn’t mind my flute playing ‘cause he’s a musician (guitarist) too.  So that’s a relief!
      And last but defiantly not least (actually first), I’m really worried about Kyle.  He said he’d call me when he got to where he was camping from his ‘rent’s cell.  That was yesterday.  So I’m hoping nothing happened to him and he just doesn’t have a cell.  Regardless, I miss him a ton, and if I don’t go insane from Kyley-bear withdrawal before Monday evening, it’ll be a miracle.


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