Smile Always…For All Is Forever Well

September 13, 2006


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Finding out that people hate you because of something that happened on the Montreal trip in eighth grade is not a good way to end the night when you’re already cold, tired, and miserable. Today’s weather pretty much sums up my mental state…dark, rainy, cloudy, and cold While it did stop raining on occasion, the rest of the conditions remained the same. Just feeling “homeless” once again. And being out in that weather without a “home” is not much fun at all. Well, off to bed with me. Maybe I can find comfort in the darkness once again…it brings back so many memories of life in eighth grade, memories I usually dread…but some how, tonight, I think they’re the only thing that will hold me together.


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  1. Im terribly sorry that you feel that way jenna *hugz*. You can always confide in me to help “house” you. Anytime something is ever bothering you please come see me. I wish you wouldnt hide your feelings from me. I can maybe help maybe make you feel better by talking to you, but if you dont tell me what it is that’s eating you up inside then i really cant help. Im always here for you and I’m always willing to hold you and let you cry on my shoulder.

    I will always love you as a best friend forever


    Comment by greg — September 14, 2006 @ 5:50 pm

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