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October 6, 2006

How bizarre…

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Yup…I should be in school…and I am.   Sixth period U.S. History with nothing to do.  Mr. Fierro said to do something “productive” and I have no homework, so I think this is as close to productive as I’ll come.  So far I’ve only fallen into one wall and Kyle (which of course I didn’t mind) today and only came close to passing out in band.  Not too bad so far given how dizzy I am.  The throat’s getting worse as the day goes on, unfortunately, but with some luck eating soup at lunch and taking with “my cat” will help.  Definitely not looking forward to the Orthodontist today and then rushing to band late…bleh, especially with the throat and dizziness.  Being the stubborn…ahem…mule I usually am, I’ll probably march anyways tonight…as long as Kyle doesn’t kill me for it.  Speaking of which, he’s been sooo sweet and caring today, making sure I don’t fall into any walls or people : ).  I still worry about him being late to classes, but I do appreciate his concern greatly.  Almost time to go….I think?  Let’s see…nope the person next to me doesn’t know either.  Oh well…at least lunch is next.


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