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October 6, 2006

How bizarre…

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Yup…I should be in school…and I am.   Sixth period U.S. History with nothing to do.  Mr. Fierro said to do something “productive” and I have no homework, so I think this is as close to productive as I’ll come.  So far I’ve only fallen into one wall and Kyle (which of course I didn’t mind) today and only came close to passing out in band.  Not too bad so far given how dizzy I am.  The throat’s getting worse as the day goes on, unfortunately, but with some luck eating soup at lunch and taking with “my cat” will help.  Definitely not looking forward to the Orthodontist today and then rushing to band late…bleh, especially with the throat and dizziness.  Being the stubborn…ahem…mule I usually am, I’ll probably march anyways tonight…as long as Kyle doesn’t kill me for it.  Speaking of which, he’s been sooo sweet and caring today, making sure I don’t fall into any walls or people : ).  I still worry about him being late to classes, but I do appreciate his concern greatly.  Almost time to go….I think?  Let’s see…nope the person next to me doesn’t know either.  Oh well…at least lunch is next.


September 2, 2006

The life of the Jenna

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     Let’s see…life is good (still) overall.  Cantoring today was great, with the exception of a few minor mistakes, and I got lots of hugs and complements from congregation members. (They’re always so kind to me.)  I’ve graduated from being Father’s “beautiful [voiced] Jenna” to his “nightingale.”
     Still haven’t taken care of the schedule issues, and Caroccio won’t be there until Tues. morning, which sucks horribly.  So that should interesting to see how that ends up.
     Having cable is fun…lol.  I got bored and watched, “A Walk to Remember.”   *Sighs* such a sad movie.  But after that I couldn’t take any more T.V. for the day.  Watching made up Cinderella stories and adventures on a box with colors still doesn’t compare to living real ones yourself. 
      My family already has two new friends here…Bob and Phoebe.  Well, Phoebe is more my bunny’s friend.  They were chasing each other in the halls last night.   Little dog giving bunny a bath…how cute!  Bob lives above us with his dog and doesn’t mind my flute playing ‘cause he’s a musician (guitarist) too.  So that’s a relief!
      And last but defiantly not least (actually first), I’m really worried about Kyle.  He said he’d call me when he got to where he was camping from his ‘rent’s cell.  That was yesterday.  So I’m hoping nothing happened to him and he just doesn’t have a cell.  Regardless, I miss him a ton, and if I don’t go insane from Kyley-bear withdrawal before Monday evening, it’ll be a miracle.

September 1, 2006

Rest needed

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    Sleeeeepy time.  The chifferobe definatly wasn’t meant to be a one person project.  So now I’m desperatly in need of rest.  Oh, and I threw away the slate pieces today (for those of you who know what I’m refering to).  Somehow I don’t think I’ll be needing those anymore. 


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    We’re finally in the new appartment…woohoo I think?  And we finally have a phone, well, after realizing my compy wasn’t connected correctly and was shorting out the phoneline that is…hehe, oops.  Suprisingly, I actually like it here.  It seems…well…cozy. 
    Let’s see…Kyle’s gone for the weekend and being my patetic self I miss him already.  (And if you read this Kyle, thanks again for all the help with moving and for saving me from sleeping on a roof where I just realized I could have rolled off and yeah that’d wouldn’t have been good)
    And that’s about it for now I guess….off to rebuild the chifferobe…joy.

August 24, 2006


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Let’s see…, there’s really not much to write about that I’m actually allowed to write about given that I’m supposed to keep somethings on the dl at the moment. Moving went wonderfully today thanks to Kyle coming and helping us out. (And thank-you very much for that Kyle) Band was just as wonderful. Hell, life has been wonderful.

August 20, 2006


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Waking up after another night of restless sleep, with another stomach ache, feeling deathly tired, then calling the doctor only to find out the cause of all this is parasites living in your intestines stealing your nutrients is definitely no fun.  Luckily they invented drugs for these things..but I’m still sooo tired.  So we’ll have to see about Ryan’s party today.  I feel bad, but chances are I’m not going to go.
Otherwise life is pretty good.  During the lovely hour+ power outage last night Jess called cause she was bored. So she walked over and we praticed guardwork in the light from my neighbor’s house (they have a generator), and got eaten alive by mosquitoes.  Despite the mosquitoes we still had a pretty fun time.
Well, momentarily I feel like going back to bed.  Just overall feeling both mentally and physically blah.  Maybe I will…

August 18, 2006

Explanation to the below…

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That bit of Jenna philosophy was in response to part of the letter from “chocolate” I received today basically stating that he thought long and hard and decided what we had was really a “rebound relationship” and needed to go back to friendly terms.  I totally respect him for being honest with me, and he’s therefore instantly forgiven for any hard feelings.  But they’re really aren’t any.  I’ve been through the whole, “Either you break up with me, or I’ll cheat on you with a girl at my own school,” and “I have to break up with you because of your mom,” only to find they really planned on going out with someone else, scenarios.  So really, this is nothing.  The way I see it is if someone wants to break things off, they have a legitimate reason for doing so, and their decision should be respected.  Let’s see…what did I really loose anyways?  The possible pressures of a relationship?  That doesn’t seem so bad to me.
            Fred, Kyle, Greg…lunch today was A-Maz-Ing!  I don’t think we say thanks to people for their wonderful friendships often enough, and take it for granted too often.  So thanks guys!  Every moment of time spent with you, your respect, and your love means a ton to me.
            Crappy carwash weather tomorrow…lol.  At least we won’t mind getting wet as much.  And given who will be there (all my bestest buddies), it’s sure to be an awesome time. Hopefully I’ll see everyone, seeing as I’m working all three shifts. : )

August 16, 2006

Goodnight World!

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I’m dead tired so I’m going to bed. With some luck I’ll get a chance to write tomorrow. ‘Night!

August 15, 2006

Yet another day of band camp comes to a close…

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I think we’re once again all beginning to feel the pains of band camp. My feet hurt, my wrist is throbbing, the cut on my leg from the skewer stings….ah, the many joys of band camp. Alright, so it’s not that terrible. Dinner and after practice time has been great. “Smokin ‘mellows” yesterday was awesome. Too bad it was so windy today. Kyle, Beth, Fred, Ryan, Matt, Greg, and the trumpet player whose name I don’t know, I love you all! You guys make band camp so much fun. Kudos to Ryan for making the mentos/coke fountain during dinner and for the un-smores after practice tonight, made un-toasted with genuine 6 yr. old stale chocolate Graham crackers, damp sticky marshmallows, and melted pliable chocolate. Even better was seeing the look on Mr. Defren’s face after finished his un-smore and we told him that. : ) Mismatched clothing day tomorrow should be a riot…especially seeing Kyle in my skirt.
Let’s see…I have to get rid of the “tomato” a.s.a.p. or Kyle will probably kick my ass…hard. I missed talking to “chocolate” so I wrote him a letter and sent it via mail. Hopefully, his parents don’t read his mail…*gulp.* And I think that’s about it tonight. Oh, and Kyle, I hope your bunny feels tons better. : )

August 14, 2006

Home just in time for *grumbles* band camp

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The family picnic went better than expected. Then and again, road trips with my dad can be alright. The majority of my time was spent by the water (Lake Erie) where I watched two gorgeous sunsets. Although, it just made me miss talking to someone more. My cousins closest to my age didn’t drive me insane for the first time, and my youngest cousin (1 1/2 yrs) was absolutely adorable!

Sunday we went to the annual corn maze. It wasn’t so easy this year…it took us over two hours to get out. : ) Still it was good fun with Paul as my partner.

Oh one other thing I should include…we have a house (unless something should come up with the inspection). We’ll still have to live in an apartment for a few months, but it’ll be worth it. It’s the yellow cape on Baylis st. if you happen to be around there.

I’m definitely not looking forward to band today, or this week at all. Six hours of marching a day…yuck…three is enough for me. The super-coordinated (haha…not) Jenna attempting to do flag work should be pretty amusing. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the rotten tomato alone during dinner to, as Brendan put it, “Make tomato sauce out of him.” Definitely something that wasn’t meant to be.

Well off to get ready for band, get marshmallows, and miss someone even more.

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